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Synopsis of the feature film "The Lover":

"An old lover gentleman, Joe, goes to great lengths to set up his perfect wedding anniversary, but his plan is botched when his car won't start. Stranded and in a frenzy about ruining his special day, he reluctantly takes a ride from a good Samaritan, Bob who turns out to be an undercover police officer. Along the way, Joe portrays signs of anxiety and even confusion to the point that when Bob drops him off, he's a bit concerned. Joe enjoys the day with his lover, until our good Samaritan shows up at the door. Bob has had his car fixed and towed to the house as a gesture of kindness but Bob's the last one Joe wants to see at his door. What is he hiding? Bob is truly concerned, but his concern could turn Joe's whole life upside down!"

Cast and Crew:

Produced, Directed and Edited by: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh 

1st Assistant Director: Rozina Behrooz

Cinematographer: Matt Miller

Camera assistant & 2nd Camera: Michael D Glinski

Sound Recordists & Grips: Will Levitt, Lauren Lazar

Set & Costume Designer: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

Oreginal Music Composer: George Palousis

Executive Producer: Rozina Behrooz

French Subtitle: Sophie Behrouz Schollaert

Video & Still photographer: Ramana Murthy

Based on the Story written by: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

Screenplay written by: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh & Dena Marie McKinnon

Duration: 50 minutes, USA, 2016

Producer: Mahmoud Shoolizadeh

Cast: Jerry Wisner, Stevie Conway, David McMahon, Clayton Owens, Leslie Horn Danielsen, Laura Morey, Preston Pittman, Julia Tyler, Leanne M. Norton-Parris, Jennifer Highsmith, Monique Madrid.

This whole film is available on Youtube for your free watching.

Please feel free to watch it, like and make your comments there.

Here is the link of full Feature Narrative film

"The Lover"

Here is the Official Trailer of the film:

The Official Posters of the film:

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